1. Agreement of sales terms

The customer acknowledges having read and agreed to all sales terms enumerated on this screen and also onHow to Order WellShipping and ReturnsPrivacy Notice, while entering his order or his reservation. The present general sales terms govern the contractual relations between Miniboutik and the customer, the two parties agreeing to it without limitation. These general sales terms supersede all other conditions shown in other documents, unless a preceding written and formal dispensation has been authorised by the owner.

2. Items

The photographs depicting the items are not part of the contractual agreement. In no cases, Miniboutik can be held responsible if mistakes are present. Prices can change without prior notice.

3. Orders

Automatic recording systems are considered as valid proof of the nature, content and date of purchase. Miniboutik confirm the order acceptance to the customer at the mentioned e-mail address. The sale is concluded only at the moment of order confirmation. Miniboutik reserve the right to cancel any order from a customer in contention over the payment of a previous order. The purchaser is bound by the information disclosed while ordering: in case of a mistake in the personal information of the addressee, the seller can not be held responsible for the inability to deliver the item. Ordering an item that is temporarily back order or not yet available automatically becomes a reservation.

4. Price

Prices are in Euro. The indicated price on the item description does not include shipping fees. The indicated price in the order confirmation or reservation is the final price, including all applying taxes. The price includes the price of the items, handling, packaging and storage charges, shipping and preparation fees.

7. Payment

The price invoiced to the customer is the indicated price shown on the order confirmation made by Miniboutik. The item price is payable the day this item is available. The payment must be made by credit card. The order made by the customer is only considered effective when the bank payment processing centres approve the payment. The order will automatically be cancelled if the payment is refused by the processing centres and the customer will be notified by e-mail. Also, Miniboutik reserve the right to refuse an order coming from a customer in contention over the payment of a previous order.

6. Contention

The actual contract is under the Belgian jurisdiction. Miniboutik cannot be held responsible for damage of any nature, material or non-material, or physical that may result in the improper use or functioning of the sold items. The same situation applies for eventual modification of the products made by the manufacturers. The responsibility of Miniboutik will be, in all cases, limited to price amount of the order and cannot be disputed despite simple errors or omissions that could happen even with all the good care to showcase the items. In case of a dispute in the application of the present contract, the purchaser has the possibility, before taking legal actions, to come to a negotiated solution, notably with the help of: a professional association, a consumer association or any other advising source of his choice. It must be said that the procedure to find an amicable solution does not interrupt the ''short delay'' of the legal guarantee, nor the length of the contractual guarantee. It must be said that in general and under Court policies, the application of the present contract over the contractual guarantee supposes that the purchaser has paid the seller in full. Claims or contesting will always be looked over attentively, believing that the person who took the time to express a situation must be acting in good faith. In case of a contention, the customer will first seek in priority for a amicable solution with the company. If a solution is not reached, the Commercial Court of Nivelles is the only competent institution, no matter what is the place of delivery or the payment method accepted.

7. Guarantee

In all cases, Miniboutik cannot be held responsible for not following legal or regulatory dispositions in effect in the country of destination, the responsibility of Miniboutik is systematically limited to the value of the item in question, value at transaction sale date and this without the possibility of legal actions against the brand or the manufacturer of the product. In case of a problem, you can reach the customer service line from Monday to Friday included, 10 am to 5 pm at this telephone number +32 25 02 37 73 or by e-mail to

8. Legal information

The personal information collected for the purpose of selling by internet is mandatory. This information is necessary to process, invoice and send the orders and to validate the guarantee. Missing information will result in the cancellation of the order. The customer has the right to access, modify or delete data in his file by asking Miniboutik. Also, Miniboutik pledge not to communicate information relative to its customers to a third party, for free or for a compensation.