1. Shipping

The shiping is done by the Belgian Post. The parcel is shipped registered priority mail. The eventual dalay does not mean that the buyer can ask any damages.

2. Frequency

For stocking reasons, a parcel will automaticly be sended as soon as the available items value is over 150 EUR.

3. Prices

Every parcel's shipping fee is invoiced at 9 EUR (or more when the delivery is outside the EU) unless the value of the parcel is over 150 EUR. In that case, shipping is free.

4. Responsabilities

The items will always be shipped at the own risk of the buyer. If the parcel is damaged at delivery time, you must lodge a complain at your Post office.

5. Retraction

You have 8 days, from the reception of the items, to change your mind. In case of exchange, you can ship the items in they original and perfect state at your own charge at this adress: Miniboutik Thys - Avenue Ilya Prigogine 7 / 7 - 1180 Bruxelles - Belgium.

6. Lost

In case of lost of the parcel, an investigation is asked at the Belgian Post. This step may take a few weeks. Only the result of this one will maybe permit the refund or the exchange of the items.